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The thing that stands out about Lauren Baca the most is the passion and positivity she showed on a daily basis. She carried herself each day with a smile on her face, even when challenges were tossed her way. She was proactive and always looking for ways to grow in her role. I not only was able to gain a great co-worker in her while we worked together, but also a life long friend.

Christina Mueller, Former Associate at Six Flags Great America

Lauren has spent the past two years working for a private PR firm where she has handled the daily interaction between high profile clients, different organizations, and even a legend in the San Francisco Giants organization. Lauren is fiercely determined, has great time management skills and is one of the best communicators I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing

Sam Quiat, Former Associate at ImageTec, L.P

Lauren Baca is the type of person that doesn't let obstacles get in her way. She is a very determined young women with a great head on her shoulders. You can be sure to count on her in any type of situation. Lauren is definitely someone you can rely on and her passion rubs off on anyone around her. Anyone lucky enough to work with Lauren will learn quickly how hardworking she is.

Lindsay Alberth, providing a character reference for Lauren Baca

During my time working with Lauren I learned that she is a positive person, a great team player, and has so much passion for the projects she works on. It was a great experience having her as a co-worker and now a friend.

Lainey Fort, Former Associate at Six Flags Great America

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